Blue Button for America

Enabling access to health records for all Americans

Presidential Innovation Fellows

The Project

Blue Button is one of five initiatives that are part of the White House Presidential Innovation Fellows program. This new program is bringing in top innovators from outside government to work with top innovators inside government to create real and substantial changes that will in a very short time frame benefit the American people, save taxpayers money, and help create new jobs.

Blue Button for America will spread the ability for millions of Americans to easily and securely download their own health information electronically, all while fueling the emergence of time and money-saving products and businesses.

This project will expand nationwide adoption of Blue Button, a capability pioneered and deployed by the Department of Veterans Affairs that enables patients to securely download electronic copies of their own health information. Blue Button is currently available to veterans, uniformed service members, Medicare beneficiaries, and others. More than a million people have downloaded their own health information to date.

The Blue Button for America project will seek to expand implementation of Blue Button across the country on a voluntary basis (a growing number of private sector organizations have already adopted the technology), enabling millions more Americans to securely download electronic copies of their own health information.

The project will also stimulate the development of new apps and services (e.g., personal health management applications) by entrepreneurs that can help veterans and other consumers effectively use their own Blue Button data – and create new businesses and jobs in the process.

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