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Weekly Update 6

Let’s just get it out of the way: we know you’ve become dependent on Project RFP-EZ’s weekly FRIDAY status updates, and we are so sorry we didn’t get one out this time. It must have been an agonizing three day weekend, filled with sleepless nights as you wondered what is happening with Project RFP-EZ. But things happen, and we hope we didn’t ruin your weekend.

So what did happen last week? Since we shifted from our usual “ship a quick piece of code every week” schedule to our work on RFP-EZ, we decided we needed to broaden out our team. So now, every other week, we present what we’ve done to a larger cohort of people across the government: contracting officers, program offices, and other governmental stakeholders.

This week we’ve been working on the front-end, specifically designing the forms that folks will use to sign up, some skeleton functionality of the app itself from different perspectives.

Take a Look

The neat part is – these aren’t screenshots. They’re from a rudimentary working application we’ve got running on a staging server. And if you’re feeling brave, remember – RFP-EZ is developing out in the open! What’s that mean?

It means the source of this – what’s probably the first open source enterprise procurement app is right here. And you’re welcome to come hack along and help us out.

This week, through next Thursday’s demo-time, we’re going to focus down on the backend of things – making things work great for people inside the government – contracting officers and program offices. It’s the other half of our mission – alongside making it easy for small businesses to bid on government contracts, we’ve got to make it easy for the government to handle those bids easily.

So stay tuned folks, the fun’s just getting started.

Until Then,

Clay, Adam, Jed, Ahson, Sean and the whole RFP-EZ Team

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