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Another Weekly Update

Happy Friday everyone!

RFP-EZ has had a busy last couple of weeks as we put the finishing touches on our pilot project. This week and next are all about demonstrations to the acquisitions community inside of government – essentially the same demonstration that we gave to you last week, but in front of live human beings at places like the Front Line Forum and for the Rising Acquisition Professionals, where we even got to meet Procurement Legend Ralph Nash. The feedback that we’ve gotten has been great.

But talking to people inside the government is only half of the battle; we’ve also got to get small businesses involved. As such, Jed went and talked to Ignite Chicago, we spoke at a DC Week Panel and today Adam is speaking at Reboot America.

We’re also on the prowl for acquisitions to run through our pilot. So if you’re at an agency and have a simple technology project that needs to get done, now’s the time!

Look for more news next week – we should have some announcements on the procurements we’ll run, and hopefully be in a place where we can start letting you know how you can register for the RFP-EZ project. So if you’re a small business itching to show the world your chops, we’re almost there!

Stay Tuned!

Clay, Jed, Adam, Sean, Ahson, Andrew and the RFP-EZ team

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