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Software platform to make buying web work better for everyone

Presidential Innovation Fellows

The Project

Making it easier for the government to do business with small, high-growth tech companies, and enabling the government to buy better, lower-cost tech solutions from the full range of American businesses.

What is RFP-EZ Marketplace?

RFP-EZ Marketplace Delivers savings for taxpayers and new opportunities for small business. RFP-EZ Marketplace was created by as part of the Presidential Innovation Fellowship program.

RFP-EZ Marketplace improves the operations of government by making it easier for small businesses to sell their services to government buyers, and by making it easier for contracting officers within government to navigate the process of purchasing. In Round 1 of the PIF program, the RFP-EZ Marketplace team opened the door to small businesses by building a platform for small, creative businesses to more effectively sell to the Federal Government. The objective of the RFP-EZ Marketplace 2.0 team is to improve upon the existing product and scale the tool across additional government agencies so that fewer taxpayer dollars are spent getting the technology that government needs to do its work for the American people.

As RFP-EZ Marketplace is tested and scaled, a new effort will be launched to improve Federal procurement by building a portal of prices paid by agencies under their contracts. Improved information sharing, both within and between agencies, about prices paid for common-use goods and services will make it easier for agencies to find “best in class” spending options. More informed decision making promises to help save substantial amounts of money each year by pooling resources in the vehicles that offer the best value for the taxpayer.

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